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All Planets can learn Ki Punch and Kick moves. 4 days*


Split form= 2 days*

Solar Flare= 2 days*

Destructo Disk= 3 days

Tri Shot= 4 days

Masenko= 4 days

Kamehameha= 5 days


Regeneration= 3 days*

Meditation(pl boosts only. training starting at 2,000 and doubles each day till you stop 10 day limit)*

Tri Form= 4 days*

Namekian Fusion(Nameks only)=4 days


Kienzen energy disk= 3 days

Freeza Beam= 4 days

Time Freeze= 4 days

Gyro Beam= 4 days

Raccoom Boom= 5 days*


Big Bang= 4 days

Controlled Ouzaro= 5 days

Moonlight Blast= 4 days

Fusion= 5 Days* (Saibamen with other Saibamen only)

Galit Gun= 5 days*

King Kai's(must be dead and good)

Kaioken= 5 days

Spirit Bomb= 6 days*

Hell (must be dead and evil)

Hell's Flash= 4 days

Laser Eyes= 4 days

Death Finger=5 days

Supreme Kai (dead or alive and must have permission)

Mystic training= 10 days gives you pl boost and moneys (only if you have not killed anyone)

Mystic Sword Training= 12 days (must have a mystic sword)

Evil Mystic Training= 14 days (must be evil or in ginyu force. The ginyu force automatically gets it when they join)

Specials(have to be granted to you by me)

(all moves take 1 week except rain blast takes 10 days)

Finish Buster, Ultimate Kamehameha*, Final Flash, Rain Blast, Freeza Bomb, Instant Transmission*, Special Beam Cannon, Dragon Fist*

Hyperbolic Time Chamber

Have to have my permission and on Earth. You and one other person can go in and train. Both of the pls double when they come out. one day

Dream Chamber

Have to have my permission and on Earth. You and 2 others go in for 2 days . Come out 100,000 pl higher and can learn one speciel .