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For db's you can collect them 2 times every 6 months.

For meditating you can do it for 10 days ever 6 months also.

If you have a tail then you can't go s.s. you have to start at s.s.2

IF you have a tail, and your pl equals a s.s. stage then you can hold that stage while in ouzzaro.

If you kill someone you are classified as evil, but you if you are in a made group, then you get to stay in that group. You are considered pure hearted until you kill someone. If you are in good, or nuetral and kill someone then you are considered evil.

These rules were made on September 3rd. They will be in effect on September 4th. Anything before September 4th is kinda forgotten, but only to the killing someone rule.

To do a super kaioken, you must be s.(race) 2

New rule about the dbs. If you want to wish for items with the db's the items have to be under $100,000 or you can use all of your wishes for 1 item over $100,000 but under $300,000

Saibamen and Androids have their own money. They start with $20,000.

More rules will be added later.