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(one battle only)

saiyan armor= $5,000 , protects against most punches and kicks

Freeza armor= $15,000 , Protects against weak punches,kicks,and ki attacks

Namekian armor= $25,000 , Protects against most punches,kicks,and ki attacks

(regular items)

Capsule Corp. Ship= $10,000 and takes you anywhere in 5 days

Advanced Capsule Corp. Ship= $20,000 , takes you anywhere in 3 days and up to 100x gravity

Majin Advanced Ship= $50,000 , takes you anywhere in 2 days and up to 300x gravity

Training Armor= $50,000 adds 5,000 pl every day you train with it.(can't be wished for)

(gravity goes up 10x each day and 5,000 pl boost each time)

Senzu beans= $2,000 a bean and $10,000 for a dozan. each gives pl boost of 2,000 and can't eat just for pl boost

Majin Charm= Costs $150,000 and raises pl 100,000.(loses charm once dies and can't be wished for)

Power Pole= $25,000 and raises pl 18,000 can't snap

Z Sword= $20,000 , pl boost of 15,000 and can break

Holy sword= $25,000 , pl boost of 20,000 and can't break

S.S. sword= $60,000 , pl boost of 40,000 and can't break

Mystic Sword= $200,000 , pl boost of 95,000 and can't break also can recieve mystic training.

D.B. Radar= $5,000 and finds D.B.s in 11 days

Scouter= $5,000 and finds D.B.s in 8 days

(with scouter and radar finds d.b.s in 3 days)

Siabamen seeds= $25,000 for a pair of seeds that take 5 days to grow and start at 30,000 pl. $60,000 for already grown pair and starts at 20,000 pl.can only learn moves with * by it.

Androids= $80,000 for one. Can learn all moves (except Ki Moves),20,000 pl

Android Repair Chamber= $100,000 , repairs androids in 2 days

Android Upgrades=

Android Cannon= $100,000 adds 25,000 pl and lets shoot a regular ki shot.

Cannon upgrade= $150,000 makes the cannon learn any Ki move except Specials

Super Cannon upgrade= $300,000 lets android learn specials. (must buy first 2 before this one.)

Absorbing Hands= $200,000 makes android gain 50,000 pl and can cause instant death to the person being held and if they don't die they lose 20,000 (if can't they die and don't lose it).

Saibamen Cannon= $100,000 lets saibamen learn ki moves, and specials.

Super Android Charger= $300,000 lets androids go super android(15x and can't be wished for)

(bases are for groups on planets all have training rooms where you can gain 10,000pl a day with a partner and 5,000pl without)

Normal Base= $150,000 . Includes 2 saibamen with 2 moves and 3 senzu beans

Advanced Base= $250,000 . Includes 1 android with repair capsule and starting move and dozen senzu beans

Majin Base= $400,000 . Includes 2 androids with repair capsule and a special and 2 dozen senzu beans

Advanced Majin Base= $850,000 . Includes 2 androids, 2 saibamen, repair capsules, 1 special for all(androids and saibamen), and 4 dozen senzu beans.